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Luxury sport utility vehicles were created to straddle two different demographics. Although sport utility vehicles are usually pretty nice (they have to be, to justify the premium prices of many models), those who actually drove their SUVs hard to enable off-road adventures probably didn’t want any actual luxury features. Premium paint would just get scratched; shiny oversized chrome rims would just get bent. But as we know, few sport utility vehicles actually get used to their potential, and many just became urban and suburban street cruisers.

So of that, a new market evolved: new luxury sport utility vehicles. New luxury SUVs aren’t exactly new; the category gradually came about as auto manufacturers tried to figure out how to get new customers interested in large vehicles, and the answer appears to have been to add more features, more glamour, and more glitz. However, there are new models of luxury SUVs that are worth discussing, as manufacturers launch more models that were designed to be luxurious from the get go. New luxury sport utility vehicles are sport utility vehicles; no surprise there. Should one so choose, even the most expensive of luxury sport utility vehicles could hop off the highway and go romping through the forest alongside more basic, purpose-driven SUVs. But the auto manufacturers also understand that the ideal buyer of a luxury SUV doesn’t necessarily want to do that. They’re just willing to pay a princely sum to rest assured that if they ever wanted to, they could. So new luxury sport utility vehicles have the structure to support adventurous driving, and more engine power than is necessary to tackle any imaginable terrain. Then, these new luxury vehicles are fitted with features and options similar to, and sometimes identical to, the specifications of the luxury cars in each manufacturer’s lineup. High end paint finishes, lounge-like seating and upholstery, and top of the line electronics all raise these new luxury sport utility vehicles a cut above the competition. It can be a little hard to distinguish whether the competition is regular SUVs, or regular luxury cars, but if you’re behind the wheel of one of these attention-getting behemoths, you’re probably not too concerned with such matters.